Want to Help but Don’t Know How? This NGO will Help You Make Dreams Come True


As it happens there are very few people who take out time from their busy schedule to help others and work for the betterment of society and those who do are often confused about where to start. The thing is that a lot of NGOs and social organizations promising to bring change have sprouted over the years but only a few of them are actually working towards achieving their goal and vision. This has caused people to think that NGOs are dubious organizations which only want to make money on the behalf of poor and underprivileged.

People get confused about whether they should offer some monetary help or take part in some social initiatives. They wonder if their donation will ever reach those in need or not? However, not all NGOs are fake. Although many fraudulent NGOs and charitable organizations exist, there are many genuine organizations working for the betterment of society. So if you feel like doing some great work for society but don't know which NGO you should join, then Nagrik Foundation is the best place for you to get started.

Nagrik Foundation is one of the best NGO in Delhi working towards the development of marginalized and weaker sections of society through sustainable development goals. Founded in the year 1998 in a rural district of Uttar Pradesh by Shri Hari Shankar Dwivedi and Mrs. Vimla Devi Nagrik Foundation initially focused on sector-specific development initiatives. It organized various health camps and awareness programmes in an effort to impart skills and knowledge to the poor and underprivileged and contribute towards the nation by turning them into a productive asset.

Following a pan India approach, Nagrik foundation strives to create a promising future for the underprivileged through the sustainable goals. Its main focus can be listed as follow:

  • Creating a platform for dialogue and knowledge sharing related to different sustainability issues
  • Building partnerships and collaborations for implementing various sustainable development plans
  • Undertaking research activities related to sustainable development
  • Supporting development journalism involving different media types; and
  • Using training and education to build capacity for sustainable development

Some of the notable works of Nagrik Foundation include organizing programs aimed at the welfare of women, easing the hardships of Indian farmers, improving healthcare facilities in rural areas, improving sex ratio as well as creating a safe environment for girls etc. The awareness programs organized by Nagrik Foundation work by targeting sustainable development goals. Various sustainable development goals indicators are taken into account to define a set of actions. These actions are then planned in such a way that it targets all the needs of the poor and the underprivileged thus helping them achieve a better living condition.

Having worked in grassroot areas as a development catalyst organization, Nagrik Foundation has now developed into a network organization focusing on creating stakeholders that will help it contribute towards sustainable development goals with the help of knowledge sharing, and training. The primary focus of Nagrik Foundation is to support awareness programs that are aimed at social development. It is an ideal choice for anyone willing to make a contribution to the society